About AdminConnect

Most of the innovations emerging from MIT’s departments, labs, and centers are the efforts of scientists and technologists reaching out to colleagues across disciplines to find collaborative solutions to complex problems. In the Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer, we were inspired to enrich that spirit of collaboration within the administrative realm.  We created AdminConnect as a tool to enable us to work together across functions to reinvent systems and best practices.

AdminConnect is also a window on those collaborations. Visit this site often to find out what cross-functional teams are doing to transform key processes and procedures. The initiatives they have undertaken may well change the way we do our work, even change our relationship to MIT. And they show what we can accomplish when we work together as one administration dedicated to excellence.

The other pages of AdminConnect provide resources, information, and opportunities for connection. Here’s what you’ll find:


Read feature stories about projects, initiatives, and new members of MIT's administrative community.


Find out about cross-disciplinary projects dedicated to advancing the administrative experience at MIT.


Learn about the functions of each office, identify points of intersection, and consider avenues of collaboration.

How To

We’ve created “How to” pages to point you in the direction of resources that will help you navigate tasks that are outside your area of expertise or your comfort zone. The "Learning" section on this page provides tools and training programs you need to achieve your goals.


Share an idea, ask a question, or reach out to peers.