Administrative systems roadmap

The Administrative Systems Roadmap provides a framework for prioritizing and addressing the backlog of demand for the development of MIT administrative systems. Working in collaboration with the Committee for Administrative Systems Planning (CASP), our team has created this roadmap to serve as a guide in the creation of an integrated suite of IT systems that advance the user-experience of MIT administrators. Our focus is on the three-year period from FY2013 to FY2016.

The Administrative Systems Roadmap presents a pragmatic framework that will guide decision-making about critical systems development to support a wide range of administrative processes at MIT. This framework provides criteria for evaluating and prioritizing 75+ currently known projects and for judging the value of future work. This step brings us closer to realizing our vision of one administration working seamlessly to sustain the MIT mission and enable emerging opportunities.

Administrative Systems roadmap chart

Here’s what we are working on:

Before the end of FY2014

  • Enhance the employee experience by replacing SAPweb and the Employee Self-Service gateways with the new administrative systems hub, Atlas.
  • Process all employee appointments electronically.
  • Modernize the Department of Facilities’ interface for requesting services.
  • Implement a user-centric mapping service.
  • Install the latest version of Kuali COEUS, a comprehensive system to manage the complexities of faculty research administration needs.
  • Deploy COGNOS, a performance-management software program, to replace Brio Query.
  • Make available RAFT (Reporting and Forecasting Tools) software for financial reporting and forecasting.

Before the end of FY2016

  • Develop and launch the next iteration of the Atlas administrative systems hub so that administrators no longer must have ten windows open to accommodate the different software programs they need to access in the course of their daily work.
  • Transform the buying experience at MIT so that it is streamlined and intuitive, presenting a storefront experience for Institute products and services.
  • Design and implement an interconnected system for updating salary distribution efforts. 

The team

Committee for Administrative Systems Planning (CASP) – developed the roadmap
Administrative Systems and Policies Coordinating Council (ASPCC) – endorsed the roadmap
Information Technology Governance Committee (ITGC) – approved the roadmap

Helpful links

Visit the IT Roadmaps site to learn more about the Administrative Systems Roadmaps initiative.

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