Administrative Systems Steering Committee

Launched in the spring of 2016, the Administrative Systems Steering Committee (ASSC) works collaboratively to enable the Institute vision of streamlined and user-centric campus-wide digital business systems and processes working seamlessly with in-person experiences to support MIT’s mission. The Steering Committee plays an important role in advancing digital business transformation by guiding system development in a holistic manner to provide the best possible administrative computing experience for the MIT community.  

Our role

  • To guide administrative system development to provide best possible computing experience for MIT community
  • Align efforts across administrative and academic areas
    • Assure balanced portfolio of work
  • Achieve consensus on priorities for admin system development
    • Align work with RACC
    • Gather insights from AACII
  • Maintain awareness of ongoing work
    • Refine directions as needed and assure continuous progress
  • Evaluate technology experiments and pilots
    • Endorse those to scale MIT-wide

Membership FY 2019-2020
Peter Brenton, Administrative Officer, Nuclear Science and Engineering / Chair of AACII (ex officio)
Peter Cummings, Executive Director for Administration, DSL
Deb Cunningham, Executive Director, Strategic Information Management, RD
Robin Elices, Executive Director, Office of the EVPT (co-chair)
Wesley Esser, Chief Technology Officer, Sloan
Josh Freeman, Assistant Director, ISN & previous ASPCC chair
Ken Goldsmith, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration, SA&P
Ron Hasseltine, Assistant Provost for Research Administration / Co-Chair of RACC (ex officio)
Joe Higgins, Vice President for Campus Services and Stewardship, Facilities
Marc Jones, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration, SHASS
Eamon Kearns, Senior Director, Emerging Solutions, IS&T
Catherine Kim, Assistant Dean for HR & Administration, SOE
Danielle Khoury, Controller, VPF
Kathleen McGrath, Director of Financial Operations
Doreen Morris, Assistant Provost, Office of the Provost (co-chair)
Wayne Turner, Senior Director, Operations and Services, HR
Heather Williams, Assistant Dean, School of Science
Carol Wood, Director, Research Administration Support, VPR

Robin Elices
(617) 324-4603