Collaborating for MIT's Future 2015

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The success of last year's Collaborating for MIT's Future reinforced the importance of continuing the dialogue across departmental boundaries and making connections between people and projects. This year's poster session, however, went beyond the administrative areas to include academic and research areas as well; enhancing opportunities for even greater collaboration.

Thank you for sharing your ideas, your insights and your expertise.  It is truly wonderful for me to see all of the things we are innovating together as one MIT! - Israel Ruiz

Peruse some of the 2015 posters highlighting administrative and academic projects and initiatives, such the Atlas Service Center, Advancing Administrative Excellence, Uniform Guidance and the MIT-SUTD Collaboration Office: A Model for International Partnership:

View slideshow of selected poster topics.


EVP Connect:

Robin Elices, Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer (team lead)
Jennifer Burke, Office of the Vice President for Finance
Robyn Fizz, Information Systems and Technology
Pamela Greenley, Environmental, Health & Safety
Susy Jones, Office of Sustainability
Sarah Korval, Information Systems and Technology
Monica Lee, Department of Facilities
Julie Lindley, Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer
David Tytell, MIT Medical 
Janet Walzer, Human Resources


Sherene Aram, Microsystems Technology Laboratories
Sucharita Berger Ghosh, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Peter Brenton, Nuclear Science and Engineering
Richard Brewer, D-Lab (Chair)
Su Chung, Administrative Services Organization, Chemical Engineering & MS
Chris Durham, Vice President for Finance, Financial Operations
Pia Handsom, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Tara Henrichon, Sloan School
Lynn Hinds, Vice President for Research
Steve Lanou, Office of Sustainability
Robin Lemp, Office of Major Agreements
Christine Malnati, MIT Energy Initiative
Kim Mann, Office of Sponsored Programs
Doreen Morris, Office of the Provost
Sue Shansky, Resource Development/Alumni Association
Amberly Steward, Anthropology Program
Lisa St. Croix (Vice Chair)
Lisa Thoma, Center for Real Estate