Collaborating for MIT's Future 2016

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MIT’s administrative community demonstrated that it’s already off to the races when it comes to invention. The jam-packed annual poster session on October 14 brought together 26 sponsoring DLCs and hundreds of Institute community members eager for a preview of what’s next at MIT.

The depth and breadth of initiatives that filled two exhibition halls on the top floor of the Media Lab was impressive — the session clearly demonstrated the skill, sensitivity, and determination at work behind the scenes in MIT’s administrative community. From campus sustainability and quality-of-life enhancements to new business processes and performance development tools, the commitment to continuous improvement was on full display.

One of the “wow” moments of the afternoon was the immersive exhibit “Construction for a New Era in Kendall Square.”

The presentation featured virtual reality goggles that enabled the viewer to experience a 3D, 360-degree view of the next phase of construction under the Kendall Square Initiative. Six new buildings and 1,200 parking spaces will support new research and innovation opportunities, provide more residential units in the East Campus

Two e-posters were dedicated to the Atlas Service Center, future home of the in-person Atlas experience. Slated to open in early 2017, the center’s offerings will transcend traditional boundaries. Customer service representatives will be on hand to help with a range of Institute services — from ID cards and I-9 forms to commuter benefits and computer repair­–saving community members the hassle of having to visit a different location for each type of transaction. Services that can’t be rendered on the spot will be handled by referral, self-service kiosks, and information sheets.

Forty-four presentations prepared by more than 100 staff members demonstrated a remarkable range of creative problem solving — from the creation of a social justice mindset in the Libraries’ Collections Directorate to a radical redesign of performance development at MIT Sloan. Campus sustainability initiatives were also on display, including previews of the storm water and landscape ecology plan and a new cogeneration power plant that will significantly reduce MIT’s carbon footprint.

If you missed the event or want to drill down into the details of something you saw, take advantage of poster presentations now online. Above all, keep imagining, inventing, and collaborating for MIT’s future.


EVP Connect:

Robin Elices, Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer (team lead)
Jennifer Burke, Office of the Vice President for Finance
Laurie Everett, Office of the Vice President for Finance
Robyn Fizz, Information Systems and Technology
Chris Giles, Information Systems and Technology
Pamela Greenley, Environmental, Health & Safety
Susy Jones, Office of Sustainability
Sarah Korval, Information Systems and Technology
Monica Lee, Department of Facilities
Julie Lindley, Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer
Hao Nguyen, Environmental, Health & Safety
David Tytell, MIT Medical
Jessica Van, Envornmental, Health & Safety
Janet Walzer, Human Resources


Sucharita Berger Ghosh, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Peter Brenton, Nuclear Science and Engineering
Richard Brewer, D-Lab (Ex-Chair)
David Bull, DSL
Robin Elices, Office of the Executive Vice President
Chris Durham, Vice President for Finance, Financial Operations
Pia Handsom, Brain and Cognitive Sciences (Chair)
Tara Henrichon, Sloan School
Lynn Hinds, Vice President for Research
Kim Mann, Office of Sponsored Programs
Doreen Morris, Office of the Provost
Cindy Quense, Koch Institute
Paula Sammarco, Human Resources
Sue Shansky, Resource Development/Alumni Association
Amberly Steward, Anthropology Program
Lisa St. Croix, Facilities (Vice Chair)
Lisa Thoma, Center for Real Estate