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On the Hiring Experience Team, we are working to create a more effective and welcoming process so that every employee begins his or her career at MIT with a positive experience. If all new employees are to feel included and productive from day one, the necessary orientation systems should be in place on or before their first days of work at MIT. We are redesigning those initial interactions to ensure an intuitive, streamlined, “person-centric” experience so that new employees are informed and engaged throughout the process. 

Hiring should be an intuitive, streamlined, “person-centric” experience.

Our work extends to improving the hiring and onboarding process for all stakeholders, including MIT recruiters, hiring managers, and search and selection teams. In addition, we want to improve the Institute’s ability to locate and hire the best-qualified candidates from within or outside the Institute.

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The team

  • Ramona Allen, School of Architecture & Planning
  • Peter Brenton, Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering
  • Larry Brutti, Parking & Transportation Office
  • Pam Delphenich, Department of Facilities
  • Laura Duvall, Human Resources
  • Kathleen Flynn, Human Resources
  • Bart Dahlstrom, IS&T
  • Tom Komola, Security and Emergency Management Office
  • Doreen Morris, Office of the Provost
  • Chuck Pizzano, Human Resources
  • Wayne Turner, Human Resources (team lead)
  • Ann Warner-Harvey, Office of the Vice President for Finance


February 2013: New Employee Orientation
We launched a live bimonthly program for new hires that provides an overview of what it’s like to work at MIT. The program includes a benefits presentation and walking tour. 

May 2013: “Careers Across MIT”
Representatives from Career Services as well as from departments, labs, and centers across MIT met with employees at this two-hour lunchtime event. Representatives provided overviews of their areas and talked about current, future, or typical job openings for their units.

June 2013: Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
The new applicant tracking system represents considerable system and process changes for the community. A broad group of hiring managers can now access the system, which includes a portal allowing managers to post a position to the internal MIT population. Hiring managers have the opportunity to participate in an ATS training program, if they prefer.

October 2013
We will deliver an integrated experience for new hires that will allow them to complete orientation activities such as selecting benefits and completing work forms in an online portal. We will also enhance in-person services at the Welcome Center and begin planning phase two of the Applicant Tracking System.

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