Resources for developing communications

Trying to increase awareness of your program, project, or event? Need to raise funds or recruit students? Want to boost participation in a new initiative? First step: determine the most effective ways to communicate with your primary audiences.

If you’re asking yourself, “Where do I begin?” this page is for you. We understand that developing a communications strategy or even a basic website in today’s technology realm can be daunting. To help you understand and make choices among the myriad communications vehicles available, we’ve pulled together a number of key MIT resources.

Bottom line: MIT’s soup-to-nuts communications advisors at Communication Production Services (CPS) can help you with any outreach vehicle you want to create, so think of that office as a great first stop.

Get the basics

  • Communication Production Services (CPS) - Offers strategic advising to faculty and staff on web, print, branding, social media, and email marketing, as well as creative partner referrals.
  • MIT Graphic Identity Standards—Outlines the appropriate use of the MIT graphic identity—the logo, seal, and colors—and includes branding options for connecting your department, center, or program to the MIT identity.

Produce a print piece

  • MIT Copytech—Provides copy services and digital printing at three campus locations.
  • Communication Production Services (CPS) —Offers guidance on development of print projects and offers creative partner referrals for printers, photographers, graphic designers, and other vendors.

Develop a website

  • Drupal Cloud—Offers a free, easy-to-use self-service model to members of the MIT community who wish to develop and maintain their own websites. For step-by-step instruction, visit the Create a website using MIT Drupal Cloud.
  • Communication Production Services (CPS) —Provides support on website projects by offering user discovery, content strategy, information architecture, and referrals to design and development partners.
  • Usability Lab—Reviews website navigation and design to ensure that the site you create is working the way you believe it should.
  • Web Accessibility Services—Evaluates website design and code to ensure that the website you develop is accessible to the widest range of users with various physical disabilities.

Integrate social media strategy into your communications

  • Communication Production Services (CPS)—Offers strategic advising for social media, including social networking accounts, social campaigns, integration in website projects and traditional media, analytics and reporting, and overall social media strategy. CPS also hosts presentations throughout the year. 
  • Social Media Guidelines—Start here for the basics on managing social media for your department.
  • MIT Connect—Showcases what MIT departments are doing in social media; read and subscribe to the MIT Connect Blog.

Improve your department’s email marketing

  • Communication Production Services (CPS)—Offers guidance on writing for, designing, sending, and improving and measuring the effectiveness of mass emails (such as e-newsletters, save-the-dates, administrative announcements), as well as business emails (communicating with committees, teams, and coworkers). CPS also refers departments to appropriate creative partners within and outside MIT. 

Create and share video

  • Academic Media Production Services (AMPS)—Provides video support for academic programs, departments, and Institute initiatives.
  • MIT TechTV—Hosts a video-sharing site for the MIT community that includes closed-captioning support and web-based video editing.

Get the message out

  • Digital Signage —Publicize events and promote messages on the digital displays located in the Infinite Corridor and across the MIT campus. Displays are managed by MIT Copytech. Use an easy online form to schedule your request and submit artwork.
  • News Office—Distributes information about MIT research, academic news, and events on campus and advises on media relations and crisis communications.
  • Campus news—Collects major news outlets on campus into one handy resource; decide which will reach your audience.
  • Events Calendar—Alerts the MIT community to upcoming events; list any events related to your program, department, or initiative here.
  • MIT Homepage—Get into the spotlight. The team that produces the homepage on MIT’s website accepts ideas for spotlights from the MIT community, although it cannot accommodate all requests. The team will list a link to your newsworthy program or event as a headline on the homepage.

Find out about related classes and training opportunities

  • free communications-related training in the classroom and online in subjects like Drupal Cloud, graphic design programs, marketing (Google analytics, email marketing, etc.), web design and development, and more.           

Access other helpful resources