Hire an employee

About to bring on a new employee? MIT Human Resources (HR) has streamlined the hiring process with easy-to-use online resources that enhance the recruiting experience for both you and your new hire. HR’s updated web tools will guide you through the entire process—from requesting a position to orienting the new employee.

What is the first step in recruiting a new employee?

If you are an MIT hiring manager, you’ll find that the soup-to-nuts Staffing and Career Development Services site offers critical support during the recruitment process. You can post a search, manage job listings, and conduct the hiring process itself. Among the most helpful features:

Hiring Process Overview

This step-by-step checklist guides you through every stage of the hiring process with information on how to develop a recruiting plan, for example, write a job description, or post a job opening. You’ll learn about each function—and be able to perform it—from this handy portal.

Applicant Tracking System

The Applicant Tracking System is an invaluable tool that allows you to view and manage the progress of job candidates through the hiring process. You can create a requisition for a new job opening, generate an offer letter, and view, download, print, or email applicants’ resumes. And if there’s a part of the process you are unclear about, you’ll find video tutorials here:

How can I be sure I am adhering to MIT’s affirmative action guidelines?

The information-rich Diversity and Inclusion site brings together MIT’s many diversity resources. You’ll find detailed, clearly delineated non-discrimination policies, guidelines for the online completion and submission of affirmative action plans, and links to a vast network of diversity-based programs, initiatives, and organizations across the campus.

And if a support system does not exist at present around the issue that concerns you or your new recruit, consider launching an Employee Resource Group (ERG), employee-led organizations formed around common interests, issues, or backgrounds.

What is the Institute’s policy for hiring foreign nationals?

MIT must comply with federal regulations regarding the employment of foreign nationals (non-United States citizens and non-permanent residents). Each foreign national must have an immigration status that permits the affiliation or have been granted appropriate permission by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You will find everything you need to know about the process of hiring a foreign national in MIT’s Personnel Policy Manual.

Where do I point prospective candidates who want general information about benefits and about life in the MIT community?

MIT HR has put together a welcoming web presence at Jobs at MIT. Prospective employees can review information about health and retirement benefits, vacation policies, work/life resources, and the many perks of joining this vibrant community. Another key resource is HR’s Employee Benefits site, which includes an invaluable one-page employee benefits summary.

What is the best process for welcoming a new employee to the MIT campus?

Once a new hire transaction has been entered by a hiring department, a letter is generated to the newly hired employee that directs them to obtain their electronic credentials.  They can then access the Atlas for New Hires application, which provides an interactive interface allowing them to complete major onboarding activities.  Activities include those required for Institute compliance such as completion of the I-9 and the Preventing Sexual Harassment course.  More information about this process is located on the New Employee Orientation & Onboarding website for managers  The associated informational Onboarding and Orientation site contains information on the resources new hires need to assume their responsibilities and be productive from their first days on the job.

Who should I contact if I still have questions after reviewing these resources?

If you find any part of the hiring process confusing, your colleagues at HR are standing by ready to help. Reach out to them at HR