Hiring a temp - the 5 step process

Let’s get started

The MITemp Program has been created to help you, as the hiring manager of your department, lab, or center (DLC), hire a temporary employee or a non-MIT student employee. The program is managed by our on-site vendor partner nextSource, which provides payroll services for temporary employees. The MITemp/nextSource program also offers staffing services if you need assistance securing a temporary employee. Note: All new hires must first be approved by the authorized hiring manager.

How much will it cost?

The total cost is the hourly rate you negotiate with the temporary employee plus a 21% surcharge for service (i.e. $15/per hour + $3.15 surcharge = $18.15/per hour).

Step 1

As the hiring manager, you must complete an MITemp request form to initiate the onboarding process for the “payroll employee.” A payroll employee is an employee that you have sourced on your own and who you want to be placed on the MITemp payroll. 

To begin, be ready with the information you will need to complete the form:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Job title
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Anticipated hours per week
  • Work location (MIT building and room)
  • Hourly rate negotiated with preferred candidate (required on form)
  • Cost object and % effort
  • Job description
  • Will employee travel internationally while on assignment? If so, specify locations
  1. When the nextSource office receives the form you have submitted, a representative will contact the new hire directly within 24 hours with essential paperwork and to schedule an appointment with the new employee so that they can bring him or her into the nextSource system. The manager who has submitted the MITemp request form will be copied on the initial new-hire email that goes out to the temporary employee. This way, the hiring manager will know that it is time to begin the onboarding process.

Optional: once the request has been submitted, email the temporary employee to let them know that they will be contacted by nextSource to set up their payroll and will have to complete their I9 within 3 days of their hire date.

  1. The nextSource representative will meet with the new temporary employee to review the entire payroll and reporting process and collect the required paperwork.
  2. Once the paperwork process has been completed, the employee will be activated in the nextSource system – TAMs (Talent Acquisition Management solution).  Consult the online TAMs manual on the MITemps site if you need help filling out a timesheet.
  3. Email alerts will be generated automatically to inform the timesheet approver that the employee has been activated in TAMs and whenever there is a timesheet pending approval.

Note: The nextSource office does not set up an MIT ID number or email. This is the responsibility of the manager. (see Steps 2 and 3) 

Step 2

Next, set up an email account. For temporary staff, you will initiate a sponsored guest account. Set up the sponsored guest email account here or send an email to accounts@mit.edu for assistance.

The online form or email will require:

  1. Temporary employee’s name
  2. Month and date of birth
  3. Temporary employee’s type: temp/consultant, visitor, etc.

Completing this process will set up the employee’s MIT ID number, email, Athena, and Kerberos accounts (MIT email, Athena, and Kerberos are different aspects of the same account) enabling the temporary employee to obtain an MIT certificate, which gives him or her access to certain protected areas of MIT’s computer systems, such as Athena computing clusters, online libraries, and Atlas—resources that are essential to completing many tasks at the Institute.

Step 3

Your DLC must now fill out a form so that the temporary employee may obtain an MIT ID card. If you are not the administrative officer (AO) of your department, ask that person to complete and submit this online form.

After the form has been submitted, you will receive an email from Service Now once the request has been processed (usually one to two business days) informing you that the card is ready for pick up at the Atlas Service Center, E17-106.

Step 4

After the temporary employee receives his or her MIT ID card, the hiring manager of your DLC will contact the appropriate gatekeeper to grant specific access to buildings or labs where the employee will be working. If you need access or have activation issues on any card, email request to physicalsecurity@mit.edu. They maintain all doors and access/gatekeeper lists on campus. When emailing provide the:

  • Name of the temporary employee
  • MIT ID#
  • Building, room, and/or lab requiring access

Step 5

Now, it’s time to send an email to your DLC’s IS&T help desk to arrange for set up of your new temporary employee’s computer (integrating them into your department’s network, etc.). Include the following information in the email to your IS&T department:

  • Employee’s name and MIT ID number.
  • Location of the building/room # where the employee is located.
  • A time when you are certain the employee will be at his or her desk.

You are done!

Need staffing assistance?

If you require staffing assistance for open positions, MITemp/nextSource can help locate administrative, technical, financial, and scientific employees. Just follow these steps:

  1. Complete and submit the MITemp request form to alert the MITemp office that you need assistance. The form offers two options. Select “I need assistance,” then provide a job description and any additional information pertaining to the open position.
  1. Once the MITemp request form has been submitted, a nextSource representative will contact you directly to discuss the details of the temporary job opening.
  1. nextSource will forward resumes to the hiring manager for review and will coordinate all interviews for managers.
  1. Once a candidate has been selected, the same onboarding process applies as outlined above. The new temporary employee will be activated in the TAMs system. The cost will be charged automatically on a weekly basis through an electronic feed to the cost object provided.

Still have questions?

For more information, contact Steve Crowley, our nextSource staffing representative, at 617-324-0191.

New-hire checklist

  • Check-in with the new temporary employee to confirm that an appointment has been scheduled with nextSource and that he or she has completed the I-9 form.
  • Fill out the online form to obtain an MIT ID number, email, Athena, and Kerberos account.
  • Email SEMO to request an MIT ID card.
  • Email Gatekeeper to grant building access.
  • Email IS&T to set up the temporary employee’s computer.
  • Review timesheet process.
  • Provide office manual and go over expectations with employee.
  • Set up Outlook or other office calendar with staff meetings, supervisor check-ins, and any other important dates.

Read about the MIT Onboarding Initiative.