Cashier deposit

MIT Cashier Services is offering a new process on Atlas that will streamline access to bank deposits by departments, labs, and centers (DLCs).

How the new process works

If you would like to gain more control over your deposits, we encourage you to contact Cashier Services (617-253-5426). Here’s how to get started:

  • Request a set of customized deposit slips from Cashier Services (617-253-5426). The slips will be pre-populated with your DLC’s location number.
  • Prepare your checks for deposit by stamping the back of each check with the endorsement stamp provided by Cashier Services
  • Take your deposits directly to the nearest of the three Bank of America locations serving the MIT community—Student Center lobby, Kendall Square, or Cambridge Galleria.
  • After you return from the bank, you are ready to create your Cashiers Deposits JV.

Creating a Journal Voucher for your deposit

  • Step 1: On the “Create JV” page, you will be asked, “Why are you creating a JV?” Scrolling down, you’ll find an option for “Cashiers Deposits.” Select this option and complete the required fields according to the prompts. Next, click the “Continue” button at the bottom left of the page and proceed to Step 2 of 3.
  • Step 2:  You will be prompted to provide the necessary information for a Cashiers Deposits JV. Click “Continue” after completing the required fields.
  • Step 3:  This is your chance to review your entries, save as a draft and exit, edit, delete, or submit your JV.

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