International travel

Challenge: MIT is one of the most global institutions in the world. The members of its community travel to and from every continent on Earth—including Antarctica. But in the 21st century, such travel requires complex arrangements and is subject to stringent policies and regulations. Travel organizers on campus must take into consideration personal safety, MIT policies, U.S. government regulations, as well as the laws of destination countries.

To support your efforts, we’ve pulled together a few key resources. Please let us know about any other contacts or links that should be included on this page. The International Coordinating Committee has a website dedicated to international projects and activities. This includes a wide array of information about traveling abroad, from safety matters to health coverag to tax issues. Please note: several of the sites listed require MIT certificates to access.

Get the basics

Make travel arrangements

  • MIT Travel Card—payment tool for MIT employees to use when making travel arrangements and while traveling on official MIT business
  • Concur—MIT’s official travel booking tool streamlines reservations 
  • SmartBuy Travel Vendors—connections to MIT’s approved travel vendors—airline, car rental companies, hotels and more 
  • Travel approvals—MIT’s Concur portal walks MIT staff through the steps and documents necessary for getting travel requests approved
  • MIT Business Travel Accident Insurance—additional insurance for members of the staff traveling on domestic or international Institute business

Organize travel documents

  • Visas for staff—information about visas for staff traveling to other countries
  • Visa and passport expeditors—approved outside vendor that can streamline the visa and passport application process for MIT employees traveling on Institute business
  • Visas how to—helpful summary of information about visas
  • Passports—information from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts about applying for a passport
  • Foreign Consulates—a list of all foreign consular offices in the United States

Learn about travel safety

Find out how to stay healthy

Know what to do in a travel emergency

  • International SOS—International SOS (ISOS) provides emergency services to MIT employees traveling abroad