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On the Learning Experience Team, we are working to make it easier for staff across MIT to get the training they need to excel at their work. Our goal is to create flexible online learning environments that tap contemporary technology and suit individual learning styles. It is essential to productivity and personal growth that these environments be streamlined, closely aligned to tasks and procedures, and accessible 24/7.

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The core idea behind the prototypes we are building is a curated, learner-centric environment. What that means is that a team of subject experts will pull together information—text, illustrations, charts, graphs, photos, forms—from sources around the Institute and develop those materials into a flexible and accessible online learning experience. In addition to providing the prototype itself, the Learning Experience Team will determine and communicate a sustainable process for developing curated content around different topic areas.

The team

Pam Greenley, Environment, Health & Safety (team lead)
David Hosmer, Human Resources
Laura Mannix, Office of Sponsored Programs
Hao Nguyen, Environment, Health & Safety
Niclas Nordensved, Human Resources/Training Alignment Team
Laurie Veal, Office of Sponsored Programs
Mark Wiklund, Information Services & Technology

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