The MIT Cambridge campus is a complex ecosystem with a maze of buildings spread over a wide stretch of urban landscape. Within that physically extensive ecosystem are important lectures, conferences, arts events, and a rich array of resources, like libraries, coffee shops, Athena clusters, and copy services.

Mobile users will be able to access this intelligent map to locate events in relation to their present location.

We have launched the Mapping Initiative to develop a mobile app that will give members of the community information and locations for events and services—and guide them to their destinations. We are now doing the extensive research and planning necessary to make our vision a reality. That means aggregating data about events and services across the Institute and integrating capabilities for entering passwords and web certificate information as necessary.

Some day soon, mobile users across campus will be able to access this intelligent map to locate parking areas, cafeterias, public events, and art exhibitions—all in relation to their present location. We believe that the Mapping Initiative will help make the campus experience more efficient and more welcoming, bringing all members closer together as one community.

In parallel to the mobile portion of the project, Facilities is enhancing its online mapping services to provide web-based services that will allow members of the MIT community to access Facilities’ existing mapping information online. These new mapping services will satisfy a long-awaited capability to embed sophisticated Institute mapping functions into campus websites. Access the new mapping tool on the Atlas website.

The Team

Justin Anderson, Information Services and Technology
Stephen Buckley, Information Services and Technology
Dave Conlon, Information Services and Technology
Martin Dugal, Facilities Operations (team lead)
Nancy Gift, Information Services and Technology
Michael Parkin, Facility Information Systems, Department of Facilities  
Laura Watts, Information Services and Technology

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Michael Parkin
Associate Director, Facility Information Systems
(617) 252-1544