MIT 2030, capital renewal, and campus stewardship

At MIT, we answer to a vital and demanding mission: to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world. Since our founding in 1861, we have continuously improved our campus to meet this challenge.

MIT 2030 is a living framework that guides our planning activities, with a focus on fulfilling the MIT mission and keeping the innovation engine running well into the 21st century. – Israel Ruiz

To keep pace with the Institute’s evolving needs, we have developed MIT 2030: a flexible framework that helps the Institute make thoughtful, well-informed choices about its physical development and renewal in support of its mission. MIT 2030 is a responsive tool that provides guidelines for envisioning—and inventing—key physical changes on campus and in the innovation district close by. We embrace the opportunity to engage our community in this process and to enrich it through collective expertise, ingenuity, and creativity.

Learn more about the mission and activities that are taking place under MIT 2030.

How it works

The Executive Vice President and Treasurer sponsors and oversees MIT 2030 activities. Staff members from the Department of Facilities, Campus Planning and Campus Construction work closely with the Associate Provost for Space to study and analyze needs and to design, plan, and implement solutions for campus renovation and renewal.

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