The Atlas Service Center: future home of the in-person Atlas experience

December 28, 2016

Next spring, the Atlas Service Center is slated to open in renovated space in Building E17. The Service Center will complement the systems, services and resources available through the online Atlas site with a physical space where community members can obtain in-person guidance about many different services.

MIT community members are very familiar with the Atlas online experience. Its catalog of integrated applications and services ranges from event planning to the Learning Center, from purchasing to Facilities? service requests. It is the online location where employees and student workers can view their paystubs and update their contact information, eligible employees can enroll in their benefits, and everyone can access their commuting benefits using About Me. There?s even an Atlas for New Hires, helping new employees complete required tasks. By bringing various functions together under one umbrella, the focus is on the needs of the customer, whether an employee, student or affiliate.

With a nod to the success of Atlas online, construction is now under way on the Atlas Service Center. Getting things done in person has its own benefits and sometimes it?s required: think ID cards and I-9 forms (Employment Eligibility Verification). Other services now offered in the basement of Building W20 ? commuting and Tech Cash ? will also be relocated to the new center, along with the IT walk-in center, computer repair services, finger printing and background checks, and guidance about benefits, gym memberships and tax treaties.

When the Center opens next spring, it will deliver integrated in-person services for the MIT community.

The Vision for the Center

The original vision for the Center was created in collaboration with the MIT Mobile Experience Lab, led by Professor Federico Casalegno. The team engaged with a group of community members in developing a full-scale prototype of the center, noting feedback and making modifications accordingly.

Kathleen Flynn, who has been appointed as the Atlas Service Center Manager, wants it to be a welcoming place for new hires, students, faculty, staff, and affiliates. When you enter, there will be an inviting walk-in area with a 3D interactive campus map and places to sit and connect to Atlas online using laptops.

You will be greeted by a staff member who can assist you with a variety of needs, so that you don?t need to stand in multiple lines to get your tasks done.

Specialists will be available to answer more complicated questions and take care of specific functions, such as tax treaties for foreign nationals and background checks.

New employee orientation sessions and other seminars will be offered in the Center?s large training room.

Technology to Bring It All Together

The Atlas Service Center Team is working to develop an effective check-in process and a shared queue management system. ?The goal is to find out what customers need and get them to the right place quickly,? says Flynn. There will also be enhancements to the online Atlas About Me tab to facilitate some of the activities in the Center.

Flynn adds, ?The aim, above all, is to be flexible and provide the MIT community with excellent service and satisfying interactions. The Center will open in the spring of 2017 with a defined portfolio of services, but it can and will grow.?