Classy and beautiful - new recycle bins on campus

June 8, 2016

Classy and beautiful. Words like these aren?t often used to describe waste containers, but that?s just what?s being said about the newest bins on campus. The bins were custom made by Max-R from 97% post-consumer HDPE ? milk jugs. Jarrod Jones, Recycling and Solid Waste Supervisor, first saw the bins several years ago. ?We were able to get a sample from Max-R,? Jones said about bins which have been in Lobdell in the Stratton Student Center for several years. ?We knew they were what we wanted, so we waited for the right opportunity.? That opportunity came when the Recycling Office was given special funding from the EVPT?s Office to purchase new bins.

Twenty sets were bought and distributed across four buildings that include dining areas: the Student Center, the Stata Center, the Koch Institute, and Sloan, Building E62. The three section bins ? recycling, trash, and compost/food waste ? are perfect for post-dining disposal. ?The new bins help promote sustainable efforts on campus because students now have a clearly identified place to compost and recycle,? said Alex Tinguely, former co-chair of the GSC Sustainability Committee. Alex described the bins as ?professional and sleek, very fitting for the MIT campus. I think they'll be incredibly effective.?

Bins are color coded for easy sorting: green, black and blue

?I've been hoping for years that MIT would start using bins like these throughout campus,? said Josh Hester. ?It?s very exciting to see them starting to be used in multiple locations.? Josh was co-chair with Alex on the GSC Sustainability Committee. ?It is very helpful to have the three bins right next to each other to help people think more about sorting, and the color coding helps signal that the bins are different.?

The bins are for Single Stream recycling, which includes all plastics, paper, glass and aluminum, trash, and food waste. The addition of a food waste bin will allow people to dispose of items that previously went into the trash such as banana peels, fruit cores, and other food waste.

Getting the bins on campus was a joint effort led by the Recycling and Materials Management Office. Also involved in the process were the Campus Activities Complex staff, and the graduate and undergraduate sustainability committees.


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