Collaborating for MIT’s Future showcases next gen tools and technology


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If you happened to wander unawares onto the sixth floor of the MIT Media Lab on October 16, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled upon an early round of the famous $100K MIT Entrepreneurship Competition. The only thing absent from the scene was the venture capital set.

The afternoon offered a series of aha moments for the nearly 400 attendees. From big data tools that enrich diversity to flexible research spaces and high-performance computing, the event was a dramatic illustration of how deeply MIT’s culture of creativity and invention extends into the Institute’s administrative activities. The poster session also earned a gold sustainability rating, meeting nearly 100% of the certification standards.

Forty-eight presentations prepared by more than 100 staff members showcased an array of posters, flat screen displays, and full-scale mock-ups along with a quintessentially MIT characteristic—a gleam in the eyes of innovators on the trail of breakthroughs. The initiatives, tools, and technology on offer embodied the common theme of advancing the Institute’s administrative excellence. The impact of this year’s event was magnified by participants from academic and research areas, expanding collaborations across departmental boundaries and multiplying connections between people and projects.

Some of these initiatives are permeating the campus already, such as the Waste Watchers program from Facilities that provides on-the-spot guidance to enhance recycling efforts. Others, like the mobile MIT ID Card, will be rolled out in the future to increase convenience, security, and cost savings for the community. A third category of prototypes and visualizations—the Atlas Service Center, for example, presented by the MIT Mobile Experience Lab and the Emergency Phone/Maps/Camera Integration project, presented by MIT Police and IS&T—show a vision of next gen MIT.

If you missed the event or want to drill down into the details of something you saw, take advantage of the poster content now online. Above all, keep imagining, inventing, and collaborating for MIT’s future.

Stay tuned to AdminConnect for updates on these and other initiatives.