Excused Lateness policy

February 26, 2015

Because some commuting problems are continuing, particularly with the commuter rail, the Excused Lateness policy will be in effect for all shifts during the week of March 2, 2015. Under that policy (Sec. 5.7.2 of the Personnel Policy Manual), employees who are late in reporting to work because of the transportation difficulties will be paid for the hours they were normally scheduled to work. No disciplinary action will be taken for tardiness. No special code is used and the hours of excused lateness are simply recorded as hours worked.

If you are concerned about an employee taking advantage of the Excused Lateness policy, or if you have any questions, please contact your HRO.

We will continue to monitor the commuting situation during these last weeks of winter. If the Excused Lateness policy will apply on certain days in the future, we will post updates on this website and will also email AO?s, HR partners, and others.