Late Salary Change application updated

April 4, 2016

The VPF HR/Payroll team recently released updates to the Late Salary Change application. These changes improve search functionality and allow for more timely routing of requests for review and processing.

Changes with WBS cost objects: There is a new column in the results list that indicates if the request includes a WBS which may require more detail review. This new field has also been added as an additional search criterion to make it easier for you to search for pending items that impact research projects. The value for the search is Y or N.

Req ID: A search box to enter the Request ID number has been added to find a specific request for review more easily.

New status: A status called ?Waiting? has been added. This new status is used by VPF to indicate that a request has been initially reviewed but requires additional information before it can be approved.

GL account for summer session: Last year HR/Payroll added functionality to the Summer Session application to request late salary distribution changes directly in that tool. With this upgrade the Late Salary Change application will not allow a request to be submitted if it includes a GL account that is considered Summer Session. This change should eliminate any confusion about which application you should use for a Summer Session distribution change.


Please email the HR/Payroll Service Center or call 617-253-4255 if you have any questions regarding these changes.