MIT's tax exemption form renewed

October 28, 2014

The State of Massachusetts recently renewed MIT's exemption from the state sales tax and issued the Institute a new Certificate of Exemption, Form ST-2. The new form is in effect now and valid until October 26, 2024.??

To ensure your purchases in Massachusetts continue to be tax exempt, MIT community members should download the form and immediately provide it to vendors with which they do business or plan to do business.??

In conjunction with the Massachusetts sales tax renewal process, MIT also has new ST-5 and ST-5C forms. These forms should be downloaded and distributed as appropriate. The forms should be used as follows:??

  • Form ST-5: Vendors that purchase products that will be delivered to MIT or will be incorporated in deliverables for MIT should provide this form to their suppliers.??
  • Form ST-5C: Contractors and subcontractors that purchase building materials and supplies for use in MIT tax-exempt projects should provide this form to vendors.??


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