New Access MIT program offers free public transit to MIT employees

June 15, 2016

Plan gives commuters flexibility to choose, day-to-day, how they get to campus

Between now and September, MIT will roll out the Access MIT pass, one of several new commuter benefits for Cambridge campus faculty and staff. The new benefits include free, unlimited subway and local bus usage, and increased subsidies for parking at MBTA stations and commuter rail tickets. The Access MIT pass is a reflection of the Institute?s commitment to sustainability and climate action, and will be accompanied by a shift to pay-per-day parking at most lots in an effort to reduce the number of cars on campus.

The Access MIT program is an initiative to create a variety of affordable, low-carbon transportation options and change the way the MIT community thinks about commuting. By connecting programs, education, decision-making, and modes of transportation, Access MIT strives to create a new awareness and shared understanding of transportation choices and their impacts. Detailed information about MIT?s commuter programs, including Hubway, ZipCar, and the AccessMyCommute tool, are available on the commuter benefits webpage.

?Technology offers new strategies to change commuting behavior to the benefit of individuals, the Institute, and surrounding communities,? says Les Norford, the George Macomber Professor in Construction Management in the Department of Architecture, who sits on the Committee for Transportation and Parking. ?Access MIT is a significant effort, on the part of many people, to make that change desirable and effective.?

To learn more about the new commuter benefits program, read the full article on the MIT News site.