New Concur drop-down menu: benefits of travel

November 8, 2015

Beginning in December 2015, Concur will add a new drop-down menu for expense reporting. To comply with federal requirements for travel expenses on sponsored projects, submitters will now be required to select the most applicable ?Benefit to Project/MIT? in the report header. This information will be used to specifically capture the benefit of sponsored research travel expenses.

With this new requirement, submitters may need to ask the traveler for clarity regarding the benefit. In some cases, the travel itinerary will be sufficient to make an informed selection.

The new drop-down menu will provide the following options:

  • Necessary for dissemination of sponsored project results
  • Necessary for meeting the sponsor or collaborator
  • Necessary to carry out sponsored project
  • Non Sponsored Activity
  • Other benefit to sponsored project (comment required in box)

When a travel expense is not tied to a sponsored account, the appropriate choice from the drop down is ?Non Sponsored Activity.?

If the submitter has multiple benefits to include, or the trip is a mix of sponsored and non-sponsored activity, the best option is ?Other benefit to sponsored project.? The associated comment box will accommodate an expanded explanation as described by the submitter.


Please contact VPF Travel Services with questions regarding this change.