New Concur Service Will Save Time for MIT Travelers and Arrangers


A new service will make it easier and faster for MIT travelers and administrators to view trips that were booked outside the Concur booking system. Using Concur’s new service, TripLink, travel plans can be entered into the expense reporting system simply by sending an email to Concur.

Features of TripLink include mobile flight alerts, alternate flight search, airfare monitoring and notification – as well as frequent traveler point tracking and trip sharing. MIT travelers will have access to their itineraries and other resources through Concur’s mobile app.

The new service will be available to MIT travelers and administrators, through a direct link in Concur, beginning April 7, 2014.

New service explained

Through this service, an MIT traveler simply can email travel plans to Concur. Concur will accept emailed plans for air, hotel, car, rail, and ground transportation. Travel plans should be sent to

Upon receiving emails, Concur will extract the travel plans and add them to the Concur system. Travel plans will be added to existing trips or used to create new trips, depending on whether the new plans overlap with an existing trip.

Concur will send users of this service a confirmation email, with a link to view the itinerary in Concur. The travel information thus will be in the system when it is time to submit travel expense reports—making the expense reporting process easier and faster.

Getting started

Before using the service, travelers must verify any email addresses from which they will be sending travel plans to Concur. This step is simple. In Concur, go to: My Profile > Your Information > Email Addresses

Type in an email address and click “verify.” You will receive an email with a verification code. Copy and paste the code into the verification text box, and you will be all set to send your travel plans to Concur using that email address.

Travelers can input and verify up to five email addresses.

Travel arrangers

Individuals who assist MIT travelers with travel planning can use the service on behalf of travelers. To do so, they must be set up in Concur as an arranger for the traveler. See Instructions for designating a travel arranger (PDF) >>.

To use the service on behalf of travelers, travel arrangers simply can email travel plans to The arranger must include one of the traveler’s registered email addresses in the subject line or in the first line of the email. Concur will then apply the plans to the traveler’s trips.


If you have any questions about this new service, please contact

Drop-in help sessions

VPF Travel will host drop-in help sessions to help MIT travelers and travel arrangers with setup and questions. The sessions will be held each day, April 7–11, 10–11 am, in the Little Cayman Training Lab, NE49.

 This article is courtesy of the Office of the Vice President for Finance.  Visit the VPF Statement website to keep up to date on latest developments of VPF services.