New MIT employee weight-loss program starts September 17

September 27, 2015

Tired of yo-yoing on trendy weight loss tactics only to watch the scale trend right back up post diet? Cravings and hunger getting between you and effective weight loss? If you are looking for a science-based weight-loss program that is successful, sustainable and reimbursable through your MIT employee health plan weight-loss benefit, iDiet may be the program for you.

Jane Abbott Connor, a lecturer in MIT?s Comparative Media Studies and Writing program, participated in a very successful pilot program in which 17 MIT employees lost a total of 250 pounds in eight weeks?an average of 15 pounds per participant. ?It?s an unbelievable way of learning how to eat,? she enthuses. ?I have had no experience of ?dieting?, no deprivation, no cravings, no missing anything.?

According to program creator Dr. Susan Roberts of Tufts University, a nutritionist and former chef, the program helps participants learn to love foods that support weight loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It includes meal plans, a high-fiber regime, and portion control. There is also a weekly online support group that provides nutrition education and helps dieters form new, healthy habits that promote weight loss sustainability. There is also weekly check-ins and weight tracking with various web tools.

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