Payroll added to the Atlas landing page for reports

December 10, 2015

In July of this year, many community members welcomed the new Reports landing page in Atlas. A team headed by Chuck Pizzano, a senior business systems analyst in MIT Human Resources, leveraged community feedback and user analytics to identify the most frequently used reports in four categories?human resources, finance, travel, and EHS training. With the help of IS&T developers, the team created a landing page in Atlas that curates these reports into a single hyperlinked list.

Now there?s a new kid on the block, or rather on the landing page. As of December 14, Payroll reports are just a click away. Placed between Human Resources and Finance, the Payroll section includes links to three Payroll reports:

Salary Distribution by HR Organization and Person

This report displays the estimated salary distribution for exempt employees, by cost object and month, for the current fiscal year. You can search the report by person name/MIT ID, HR organization, person type, appointment subtype, or job title.

Salary Distribution by Profit Center and Cost Object

This report displays salary distribution for a profit center reported by fiscal period. You can search by profit center, cost object, cost object category, or administrative flag.

Student Hourly Appointments

This report displays payroll data on student hourly workers. You can search by student name or MIT ID and view a student's entire hourly position history, even from other departments, labs and centers (DLCs).

The Payroll section also includes a link to several other Payroll DLC reports, from Students Over 20 Hours to Salary Commitments Summary. Note that appropriate authorizations are required to run the reports.

As with other items on Atlas, you can easily add the Reports page to your Atlas Menu for easy access.


If you have questions or comments about Payroll reports, send an email to Chris Durham, HR payroll manager.