Qualtrics improves survey experience

September 2, 2015

The Institute routinely sends out surveys to segments of the MIT community on a wide range of issues. Occasionally, departments, labs and centers will run their own surveys.

A big change to doing research

In the past, creating these surveys was time-consuming and tedious. The technical workings behind an online survey are complex. It is important to capture the data in a confidential manner, and report the findings so that they provide a clear picture of the survey responses.

The Office of Institutional Research has been using Qualtrics for a few years. This enterprise survey tool is now available to the MIT community, so that groups can administer their own surveys using Qualtrics.

Unlike the many free tools for online polling, Qualtrics can be used for hundreds of different research initiatives. In addition to academic research, such as experimental design and statistical surveys, you can use this sophisticated tool to run surveys for satisfaction ratings, alumni outreach, program administration, institutional assessments, course or professor evaluations, and elections.

Features: what?s in the box?

  • Many types of prompts beyond multiple choice, including video
  • Multiple ways to provide responses
  • User-friendly, with no programming necessary
  • Designed for mobile
  • Features for testing your survey before you sent it
  • Substantial support and training videos

Be aware of the fine print

There are a few rules of use, best practices and limitations to using Qualtrics at MIT, so don?t forget to read the fine print before you set up your account. Remember that participation in all surveys at MIT is voluntary.