ServiceNow: an improved service platform for IS&T and its customers

January 11, 2016

Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) has signed on with ServiceNow, a provider of cloud-based IT service management software. The ServiceNow platform streamlines the delivery and management of services: it creates a single system of record, automates tasks, and consolidates legacy systems.

IS&T has already begun to use ServiceNow internally to handle changes to its production systems. Next up, the IS&T Service Desk is preparing to move a small set of high-volume queues from Request Tracker (RT), its current ticket-tracking system, to ServiceNow. Pat Sheppard, IS&T?s Director of Provider & Consumer Support, notes that ?This is an initial rollout to get IS&T more familiar with the tool and better able to standardize on one platform.?

Read the full article on the Information Systems and Technology website to learn more about the ServiceNow platform and how IS&T plans to use it.