SustainabilityConnect 2016 brings MIT together around big ideas for campus and the globe

SustainabilityConnect 2016, the second annual conference sponsored by MIT’s Office of Sustainability, embraced the local and the global in equal measure. Held on May 9 in the newly renovated Building E52, the conference drew faculty, students and staff from across the Institute and addressed issues ranging from rising sea levels to greenhouse gas emissions, from green labs to an MIT roof study.

Eating healthy and staying active on your own schedule and budget

Presented by Kelsea Gusk, R.D., LDN; Registered Dietitian, MIT Recreation Sports

A busy life can tend to lead to takeout, extra-large coffees, and eating on the run. Learn tips to improve your ability to pack healthy meals and snacks so you can plan your hectic daily routine. Tools for shopping quickly, saving money, and eating for sustained energy will be discussed. In addition, you’ll learn a quick any-day, any-where body weight circuit to complete for daily fitness. Healthy living doesn’t have to take up a lot of time to still be a priority.


The Office of Sustainability will be hosting this event to work together to define the future of campus sustainability at MIT. SustainabilityConnect 2015 will convene the staff, faculty, administrative sponsors, and key partners supporting the working groups and committees tasked with developing recommendations on campus sustainability.

By invitation only

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