Use Atlas to boost awareness of key resources, services and activities

May 13, 2018

There are so many ways today to get the word out about events and announcements, with social media often leading the way. If you have an MIT activity or notice you'd like to publicize widely, don't overlook another option that gets a lot of views: the feature stories on Atlas.

When members of the MIT community go to the Atlas website for any of a range of services, from Benefits to Buy2Pay to the Learning Center, they see a prominent image with a link to a story. This is the first in a carousel of four images/stories that rotate every few seconds, and that change from week to week.

Topics for Atlas feature stories vary widely, from community wellness programs and Choose to Reuse to campus construction, crafts fairs, and advisories from the VP of Finance.

Your story

If you'd like to publicize a policy, procedure, website, resource, program, service, activity, event or news story, contact Kim Medeiros ( in the Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer.