Websites smooth the way for newly hired employees and the administrators who bring them on board

August 24, 2016

Hiring at MIT surges in September, with the start of another academic year. That surge impacts managers and administrators in DLCs, who play a crucial role in bringing new hires on board. Since many department representatives aren?t recent hires themselves, many could benefit from a refresher on what to do and in what order.

Fortunately, for both administrators and new hires, the New Employee Orientation and Onboarding website offers a wealth of information in a way that?s easy to follow. It welcomes visitors with quick clicks to Benefits, Perks, the MIT App, and Find Your Way. It also offers a timeline of a new hire?s experience coming into the community. There?s a checklist of things to think about Before You Start. New hires can explore these tabs ? Your First Days, Your First Months, Your First Year ? to learn about expectations, development opportunities, and cultural aspects of participating in the community.

A second website, Atlas for New Hires, walks new employees through getting their electronic credentials and other essential start-up activities. An overview video covers signing up for a Kerberos account, enrolling in Duo, and getting a personal certificate.

Once new hires have done these steps and waited a day, they can select the Start Activities button. New employees must complete two activities up front before they can initiate any other activities:

  1. In the Personal Information section, new hires can confirm their Social Security number and other critical information, and make selections with respect to ethnicity, race, gender, veteran status, and disability status.
  2. All new hires must take the online Sexual Misconduct Prevention & Awareness course: they?ll need up to 20 minutes to complete this activity.

Advice for DLC Administrators

First things first. Once a candidate has been hired, administrators should get the Hire transaction into the Faculty and Staff Appointments system in Atlas as soon as possible. They should then encourage new hires to visit the Orientation and Onboarding site and complete the Atlas for New Hires activities early on, before they begin work at MIT.

Be sure to encourage new hires to register for an In-person Orientation, held every Monday (except on Monday holidays). This upbeat two-hour session provides an overview of MIT culture and the perks of working here; in the second half, Human Resources staff discuss employee benefits in detail and answer any questions new hires may have.

While the Atlas for New Hires website is available only to new employees, administrators can see key screenshots and select relevant links via the Orientation and Onboarding site.

To do this, click on the Managers/DLCs: Onboarding a New Hire link on the top right, underneath the Search field.

The New Hire?s Experience covers the components of what MIT has created for the onboarding experience. This includes samples of new hire letters ? automatically generated after DLCs enter their hire transactions into the Faculty and Staff Appointments system ? and a status report that shows the activities new hires have yet to complete. By selecting the Atlas for New Hires link (Touchstone-enabled), administrators can see a screenshot of New Hire Activities and find out more about the I-9 verification process.

There are also Checklists based on timeframes (first days, first months, first year), and a Tools & Resources section. The latter includes items such as a Schedule for the Employee?s First Day and an Onboarding Planning Tool.


If you don?t find answers to your onboarding questions online, contact Kathleen Flynn, Atlas Service Center Manager. For Benefits questions, send email to