Work-Life Center announces new spring 2015 seminar series

March 4, 2015

The popular Work-Life Seminar Series has returned this spring, and includes free, lunchtime (12-1:30 p.m.) seminars led by experts in their fields. The presenters will share research-based strategies, tips, and information on more than 25 topics, including eldercare; mindfulness to reduce stress and maintain focus; supporting school-age children?s emotional and intellectual development; U.S. college admissions; cultivating productive relationships at work; navigating life as a young professional; and creating a successful, meaningful, and fulfilling next stage of life.

Spring line-up

This spring?s line-up includes presenters from the MIT community:

  • U.S. College Admissions 101: Demystifying the Application Process
    Thursday, March 19
    Presented by Stuart Schmill '86, MIT Dean of Admissions

    The college admissions process can seem opaque and complex. If you have a child who is applying to college, it can be difficult to determine what role to play, what help to give, and how to give it. Visit the Events page for further details.

  • Supporting Your Gifted Child: Successful Parenting for High-Ability Learners
    Tuesday, March 31
    Presented by Nina Davis-Millis, M.S., M.A., Independent Educational Consultant, Head of Information Technology and Discovery Services, MIT Libraries

    The many myths, stereotypes, and misconceptions around giftedness sometimes make it difficult for parents to recognize their children?s talents or understand how best to meet their social, educational, and emotional needs. Visit the Events page for further details.

  • Understanding Your Baby's Brain Development
    Tuesday, April 28
    Presented by Rebecca Saxe, Ph.D.; Associate Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

    Dr. Rebecca Saxe will offer several fascinating insights from developmental cognitive neuroscience research about the interplay between neurobiological and environmental factors, which together support children?s rapid acquisition of critical skills like language and social understanding.

All seminars are free of charge and open to the entire MIT community and their families; however, registration is required. Attendees are welcome to bring their lunch, and dessert will be available.

Learn more

To learn more about the Work-Life Center?s services, resources, and seminar series, visit the Work-Life Center?s website and follow @mitworklife on Twitter.