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Here on the News page, you can read about what’s happening, who is innovating, and what is changing in the administrative world at MIT. You’ll find info on revamped policies and procedures and tips to make your work life easier. Links to newsletters from administrative offices give you a chance to find out what colleagues are working on around the Institute. Is there something you think is important to share with other administrators? Let us know.

  • Sunday, Mar 12, 2017

    What’s complicating your life these days? Are you juggling multiple responsibilities and looking for a new approach to handling the stress of everyday life? Perhaps you’re adjusting to life as a new parent? Wondering how to support your school-age child, or how to help your high schooler plan for college? Dealing with the possibilities and uncertainties of life as a young professional,...

  • Thursday, Mar 2, 2017

    Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) has licensed and supports a number of tools that enable remote working and collaboration. The department recommends that MIT community members adopt a set of best practices when working away from...

  • Thursday, Feb 9, 2017

    Have you ever wondered if the Institute’s internal auditors are audited? That’s exactly what Institute Auditor Mike Moody set out to do in 2016 with the Audit Division’s first-ever external Quality Assessment Review (QAR).

    A QAR is an essential part of a Quality Assurance and Improvement Program set forth by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), the global voice and advocate for the...

  • Wednesday, Feb 1, 2017

    In April 2017, the Graduate Appointment Portal (GAP) will replace Web Grad Aid as the web-based data entry tool for processing graduate appointments and awards. The new GAP system integrates with MIT’s student information systems and SAP, providing significant improvements in managing graduate appointments. This academic year, MIT has 6852 graduate students on board.



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