Alumni Association

The goal of the MIT Alumni Association is to connect the 130,000-strong alumni community to MIT and to one another in order to support the Institute and the personal and professional development of graduates. The Association aims to increase alumni engagement in face-to-face activities, virtual interactions, and philanthropic efforts.

The Association brings alumni to campus for Tech Reunions/Technology Day and Alumni Leadership Conference, and it runs Family Weekend for parents. Each year, the Association organizes or contributes to some 180 alumni education programs worldwide, both in-person and virtual. With 90 MIT clubs and hundreds of related activities, the Association leads collaborative efforts to host presidential events in the US and abroad as well as local gatherings.

The Alumni Association aims to increase alumni engagement with the Institute and with each other in face-to-face activities, virtual interactions, and philanthropic efforts.

The Annual Fund has regularly achieved new records in both the number of individual donors and the dollars raised. Two giving societies, the William Barton Rogers Society and the 1861 Circle, recognize leadership and annual giving achievements.

The Association keeps alumni in touch through MIT Technology Review, Slice of MIT blog, and diverse social media. E-newsletters and individualized emails amount to more than 12 million contacts a year.

The Association works with more than 14,000 volunteers, maintains the database of record for alumni contact information, and provides email forwarding for life, access to e-journals, and other web services. It also supports shared interest groups, a travel program, the Parents Association, and a career coaching program.

The Alumni Association Board of Directors is led by a volunteer president who serves for one year; Judy Cole is the Association’s executive vice president and CEO. A separate Annual Fund Board oversees fundraising operations. Association departments include Alumni Relations, Annual Fund, Information Systems and Volunteer Services, Communications, Finance and Operations, and HR and Strategic Talent Management.

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