Audit Division

The Audit Division (Division) analyzes and assesses governance, risk management, and control activities to support the Institute in achieving its mission. As trusted advisors, we provide management and the Corporation Risk and Audit Committee reliable insight and meaningful recommendations to enhance decision-making.

Innovation is an inherently risky endeavor. The Division supports MIT’s efforts to take informed risks so that the Institute can bring knowledge to bear on the world’s great challenges.  We serve the MIT Corporation Risk and Audit Committee and senior managers by providing assurance over the processes that control the risks that MIT faces. We work with managers on campus and at Lincoln Laboratory to evaluate their academic, research, and administrative processes and identify opportunities for improvement. To that end, we deliver audit and advisory services to provide confidence that MIT is:

  • Following processes that are compliant with policies, laws, regulations, and contracts
  • Keeping assets safe
  • Presenting information that is accurate and reliable
  • Managing resources efficiently and economically
  • Adhering to ethical practices

These services evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of controls in place to manage behavioral, compliance, financial, operational, and safety risks to support achievement of the Institute’s mission. By delivering objective insight and fostering a culture of continuous process improvement, we enable members of the MIT community to work wisely, safely, and effectively in support of the Institute’s mission. To learn more about the Division, visit