Onboarding experience


Onboarding is the process of welcoming new employees into an organization and providing them with the knowledge and resources they need to be engaged, productive, and successful. Onboarding begins before an employee’s first day and usually lasts through the first year on the job.

Our goal on the Onboarding Experience team is to conceive a more robust and consistent onboarding program for new employees across MIT. To advance that goal, we will launch a website that will provide onboarding information for new employees, resources and tips for departments, and a list of MIT-wide onboarding events. We also see the new website as a recruiting tool in that it will illustrate to potential employees MIT’s commitment to new employee support and engagement. The site is scheduled to go live in the fall of 2013.

Research shows that a robust onboarding experience strengthens new employee engagement and retention.

Improving the onboarding experience is foundational to a number of key institutional goals. Most important, we are working to support the guiding principle—provide a caring and nurturing environment for members of the MIT community. Greater consistency in the onboarding experience also supports the One MIT concept, fostering a more cohesive perspective on MIT’s goals and practices. And research shows that providing a robust onboarding experience strengthens new employee engagement and retention.

The team

Peter Cummings, Office of the Dean for Student Life
Winnie Dansby, MIT Medical
Felix DeLeon, Department of Facilities
Deborah Friscino, MIT Medical
Rita Geller, Information Services & Technology
Pamela Greenley, Environmental Health & Safety
Ann E.W. Harvey, Office of the Vice President for Finance (team lead)
Alyce Johnson, Human Resources
Jayne Korn, MIT Sloan School of Management
Lorraine Ng, Resource Development
Wayne Turner, Human Resources

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Ann E.W. Harvey
(617) 253-0049