Access Approvers

Below is a list of individuals authorized in each area to provide building access to employees and those graduate students approved for on-campus research.

Vendor/Supplier Requirements Matrix

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Access Approvers
DLC/Area Contact
Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab Anna Omura
Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab Elizabeth Zuckerberg
Admissions/Student Financial Services Samantha Brown
AeroAstro Anthony Zolnik
AeroAstro Brian O'Conaill
Alumni Association Susan Shansky
Alumni Association William Fitzgerald
Alumni Association Ollie Gelmont
Anthropology Program Amberly Steward
Architecture Andreea O'Connell
Arts Initiative Leila Kinney
Atlas Service Center Sucharita Ghosh
Atlas Service Center Kim Medeiros
Audio Visual Services Christopher Way
Audit Division Martha Jane Gagnon
BE Roni Dudley-Cowans
BE Mary Lindstrom
Biology Rebecca Chamberlain
Biology Helene Kelsey
Brain & Cognitive Sciences Tristan Davies
CAC Lianne Martin
CAC Jennifer Smith
Campus Dining Mark Hayes
Campus Planning Kitty Drexel
Campus Planning Kim Medeiros
Career Advising & Professional Development Tamara Menghi
Career Advising & Professional Development Nyasha Toyloy
CEE Jarina Shrestha
CEE Ruben Juanes
CEE Jesse Kroll
CEHS Amanda Tat
Center for Biomedical Innovation Eric Small
Center for Computation Science and Engineering Kathleen Nelson
Center for International Studies John Congdon
Center for Real Estate (CRE) Lisa Thoma
Center for Transportation & Logistics (CTL) Mary Mahoney
Center for Transportation & Logistics (CTL) Oltiana Kacori
ChemE Robert D. Fadel
ChemE Adrienne Bruno
ChemE Gwen Wilcox
Chemistry Scott Ide
Chemistry Rich Wilk
Chemistry Michele Harris
Chemistry Shannon Wagner
COFE (Consortium on Financing Higher Education) Isabel Bourelle
Communications Initiatives and CopyTech Danyel Barnard
Communications Initiatives and CopyTech Ann McNamara
Comp Sci & Artificial Intel Lab HQ John P Costanza
Comp Sci & Artificial Intel Lab HQ Elena Glatman
Comparative Media Studies/Writing Sarah Smith
Concourse Paula Cogliano
Corporate Relations Gabrielle Accardi
Credit Union Charlene Flaherty
D-Lab Richard Brewer
D-Lab Melissa Mangino
DAPER Melanie Appleman
DAPER Kyle Brenner
DAPER Tom Cronan
DAPER Molly Dufour
DAPER Jason Erbse
DAPER Ali Lamothe
DAPER Daniel Martin
DAPER Carrie Sampson Moore
DAPER Jamie Shannon
DAPER Rebecca Shaw
DAPER Alyn LeBlanc
DAPER Stephanie Smith
DAPER Michael Edler
DAPER Tyreke Harris
DAPER Jessica Roldan
DAPER Daniel Jose Becerra Jaimes
DAPER Michele McCauley
David H. Koch Institute Sarah Farrington
David H. Koch Institute Tyler Jacks
David H. Koch Institute Vasilena Gocheva
DCM Keith Kun
DCM Hilda Holcombe
DCM James G. Fox
Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation (DCTI) Leon Sandler
Diversity and Community Involvement (including W20 offices, W11 Chaplains) Gustavo Burkett
Division of Student Life (DSL) Peter Cummings
Division of Student Life (DSL) Sonja Dagbjartsdottir
Division of Student Life (DSL) Katherine Tavares
Division of Student Life (DSL) Alicja Estabrooks
Division of Student Life (DSL) David Friedrich
Division of Student Life (DSL) John McDonald
DMSE Magdalena Rieb
DMSE Mary Lindstrom
DoF Off-Site Facilities Danielle Raftery
DSL Administration (including Audio Visual) and Dean's Office (4-110) David Bull
DUSP Karen Yegian
DUSP Michael Enos
Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences Michael Richard
Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences Scott Wade
Economics Lisa Desforge
Economics Megan Miller
Economics Angie Flight
Edgerton Center James Bale
Edgerton Center Sandra Lipnoski
Edx Eden Huthmacher
EECS Irene Huang
EHS Kim Medeiros
EHS Nadia Morrison
Electrical Engineering-Computer Science Bruce Tidor
Emergency Management Suzanne Blake
Emergency Management David O'Connor
EVPT Headquarters Robin Elices
EVPT Headquarters Kim Medeiros
Experimental Study Group Graham Ramsay
Facilities Business Operations Kim Medeiros
Facilities Business Operations Helen Balzano
Facilities Campus Construction Tiffany Chow
Facilities Campus Construction Susan Crowley
Facilities Campus Construction Kathryn Ellis-Lawler
Facilities Campus Construction Kim Medeiros
Facilities Campus Services and R&M Kim Medeiros
Facilities Campus Services and R&M Paula Tierney
Facilities Campus Services and R&M Vanessa Prappas
Facilities Campus Services and R&M Kristen Leonelli
Facilities Facility Engineering Kim Bigelow
Facilities Facility Engineering Kim Medeiros
Facilities Operations Katherine Colllupy
Facilities Repair & Maintenance Jani Findlay
Facilities Utilities and CUP Bernadette Drinkwater
Facilities Utilities and CUP Kim Medeiros
Global Languages Liam Brenner
Global Change Science Scott Wade
Haystack Heidi Johnson
Haystack Heidi Demers
Haystack Mary Young
History Patricia Alves
Housing & Residential Services Richard Hilton
Housing & Residential Services Keith Moser
Housing & Residential Services Harold Resington
HR Mary Ellen Royer
HR Wayne Turner
IMES Erin Edwards
IMES Hunter Lamere
Institute Affairs Ann McNamara
Institute Community and Equity Office Daniel Delgado
Institute for Data, Systems, and Society Jennifer Dillman Kratochwill
Institute for Data, Systems, and Society Kimberly Renee Strampel
Institute for Medical Engineering Randolph Lamere
International Students Office David Elwell
International Students Office Cedrick Boursiquot
ISN Joshua Freedman
ISN Nicole Bohn
ISN Amy Tatem-Bannister
J-WAFS Renee Robins
Jameel Clinic for ML in Health Ignacio Fuentes Ribas
Kavli Institute for Astrophysics & Space Research Jack Defandorf
Kavli Institute for Astrophysics & Space Research Brian Surette
Koch Institute Terry Clewley
Koch Institute Samantha Keogh
Lab for Information & Decision Systems Richard Lay
Laboratory for Nuclear Science Karen Dow
Laboratory for Nuclear Science Bolek Wyslouch
Leader for Global Operations Program Ekaterina Trizlova
Legatum Center James deMelo
Lemelson/MIT Program Wendy E. Brown
Libraries Stephanie Richardson
Libraries Maria Rodrigues
Libraries Nicole Hanafin
Libraries Stephanie Toews Moeling
Linguistics & Philosophy Christine Graham
Linguistics & Philosophy Mary Grenham
List Visual Arts Center Kristin Johnson
List Visual Arts Center Susan Allen
Literature Alicia Mackin
Math Nan Lin
Mathematics Cesar Duarte
McGovern Institute for Brain Research Gayle Lutchen
McGovern Institute for Brain Research Catherine Nunziata
MechE Joanne Mathias
MechE Sarah Collins
MechE Emily Kierstead
MechE/Sea Grant (SeaGrant only) Alexis Pappey
MechE/Sea Grant (SeaGrant only) Trudi Walters
Media Lab Andrea Porras
Media Lab William Lombardi
Media Lab Kevin Davis
Media Lab Yuko Barnaby
Media Lab Lisa Breede
Media Lab Candido Monteiro
MIT ESI Daniela Stoudenkova
MIT Innovation Initiative Malcolm Mayfield
MIT Innovation Initiative Benjamin Hampson
MIT Investment Management Company (MITMCo) Shannon Ciempa
MIT Medical Brian Schuetz
MIT Medical Cathi Tetreault
MIT Museum Kathryn Wysocki Gunsch
MIT Museum Anna Kelly
MIT Police David O'Connor
MIT Press Ayesha Abdur-Rahim
MIT Press Brent Oberlin
MIT Professional Education Patricia Casey
MIT Professional Education Donna Symolon
MIT Professional Education Samantha Kiernan
MIT Program in Women's & Gender Studies Sophia M. Hasenfus
MIT Quest for Intelligence Gilbert Cordova
MIT Sandbox Innovation Program Katie Carruth
MIT Sloan Technology Services Rajv Shridhar
MIT.nano Kathleen Boisvert
MIT.nano Anna Osherov-Beizerov
MIT.nano Joerg Scholvin
MITEI Martha Broad
MITEI Sarah Peterson
MRL Susan Dalton
MRL Lars Llorente
MRL Carl V. Thompson
MTL Stacy McDaid
MTL Harry Lee
Music and Theater Arts Michelle Carmichael
News Office Steve Bradt
News Office Ann McNamara
Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism Prudence Robinson
NRL Kristen Shikes
NSE Peter Brenton
NSE Bren Phillips
Nuclear Science and Engineering Anne Dulong
Nuclear Science and Engineering and the Industrial Performance Center Robert Allison
Nuclear Science and Engineering and the Industrial Performance Center Patricia Glidden
ODL Anne Cucinotta
ODL Lisa Schwallie
ODL Angela Pignatiello
Office of Government and Community Relations Robin Elices
Office of Government and Community Relations Kim Medeiros
Office of Graduate Education Patrick Brown
Office of Minority Education DiOnetta Jones Crayton
Office of Minority Education Cheryl Mottley
Office of Religious, Spiritual, and Ethical Life (ORSEL) and Chaplains Christina English
Office of the First Year Shelly Isaac
Office of the General Counsel Erin Johnson Ahern
Office of the Recording Secretary William Fitzgerald
Office of the Recording Secretary Ollie Gelmont
Office of the Recording Secretary Susan Shansky
Office of the Vice Chancellor Mary Markel Murphy
Office of the Vice Chancellor Edmund Jones
Office of the Vice Chancellor Sharon Bridburg
Office of the Vice Chancellor Brian Tavares
Open Space Programming Robin Elices
Open Space Programming Kim Medeiros
OSATT Daniel Delgado
OVC Department Heads Katherine Trimble
Physics Matt Cubstead
Picower Institute for Learning & Memory Will Lawson
Picower Institute for Learning & Memory Brittany Greenough
Political Science Maria DiMauro
President's Office Ann McNamara
Program in Science, Technology, and Society Paree Pinkney
Provost's Office Daniel Delgado
PSFC David Parker
PSFC Marcia Tench-Mora
Registrar Office Martha Ward
Registrar Office Beverly Turner
Research Administration Services (RAS) Colleen Leslie
Research Administration Services (RAS) Lynda Nelson
Research Administration Services (RAS) Lori Spindler-Brooks
Research Administration Support Carol Wood
Research Administration Support Carole Trainor
Residential Education Judith Robinson
Residential Life Programs Topher Nelson
Residential Life Programs Rebecca Kjaerbye
Residential Life Programs John Ross Campbell
Residential Life Programs Liz Jason
Residential Life Programs Jeff Saint Dic
Resource Development William Fitzgerald
Resource Development Ollie Gelmont
Resource Development Susan Shansky
RLE Richard Petruzzelli
RLE David Foss
SA+P Dean's Office Jim Harrington
SA+P Dean's Office Ken Goldsmith
SA+P Dean's Office Michael Enos
School of Engineering Eileen Ng
School of Engineering Mary Ellen Sinkus
School of Engineering Elizabeth Lennox
School of Engineering Melat Hunde
School of Science Heather Williams
School of Science Kelly Murray
School of Science Connie Winner
Schwarzman College of Computing Diane Ramirez-Riley
SDM/IDM Shauna Bush-Fenty
SHASS Erminia Piccinonno
SHASS Jill McKay
SHASS Marc Jones
Skoltech Program Deliana Ernst
Sloan School Susanna Baker
Sloan School Bill Garrett
Sloan School Heather Finney
Sloan School Whitney Jacks
Sloan School Rosy DiCostanzo
Sociotechnical Systems Research Center Laura Dorson
Sociotechnical Systems Research Center Peter Gibson
Sociotechnical Systems Research Center Jesse DeLaughter
SOE/Gordon Leadership Program Eliana Runyon
SOE/Lemelson Betsy Boyle
SOE/OEOP Faika Weche
SOE/Professional Engineering Program Patricia Casey
SOLVE Regina Niles
Student Support and Wellbeing David Randall
Supply Chain Management (SCM) Mary Mahoney
Supply Chain Management (SCM) Oltiana Kacori
Sustainability Rebecca Fowler
Sustainability Kim Medeiros
TECH REVIEW Colby Wheeler
Terrascope Elise Chambers
TLO Jodie Richardson
UROP Michael Bergren
UROP Sara Nelson
VPF Jason Richer
VPF Michelle Coyne
VPF Pamela Schickling Buckley
VPF Derek Welcome
VPF Jim Bagley
VPR Ron Hasseltine
VPR Corey Schenck
Whitehead Institute Jennifer Fairchild
Whitehead Institute Scott McCallum
Whitehead Institute Parimala Arokiaraj
Whitehead Institute Rebecca Chamberlain