Administrative Officers

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Administrative Officers (AOs), Assistant Directors, and AO Equivalents
DLC Areasort descending Name/Email
Program in Art, Culture and Technology Architecture and Planning Marion O Cunningham
Architecture Architecture and Planning Andreea O'Connell
Center for Advanced Urbanism Architecture and Planning Prudence Robinson
Center for Real Estate Architecture and Planning Bettina M. Urcuioli
Urban Studies & Planning Architecture and Planning Karen Yegian
Media Lab Architecture and Planning Martha J. Collins
Office of Graduate Education Chancellor Patrick Xavier Brown
Office of the Vice Chancellor Chancellor Brian Tavares
Office of Digital Learning Chancellor Maria Karatzas
Environment, Health & Safety Office EHS Headquarters Nadia Morrison
Microsystems Technology Laboratories Engineering Stacy McDaid
MIT-Portugal Program Engineering Jennifer Kratochwill
Nuclear Science and Engineering Engineering Peter Brenton
Gordon Engineering Leadership Program/UPOP Engineering Eliana Runyon
Institute for Medical Engineering and Science Engineering Erin Edwards
Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering Brian O’Conaill
Leaders for Global Operations Engineering Ekaterina Trizlova
Biological Engineering Engineering Roni Dudley-Cowans
School of Engineering Engineering Mary Ellen Sinkus
School of Engineering Engineering John Maher
Lemelson-MIT Program Engineering Stephanie Couch
Sea Grant College Program Engineering Alexis Pappey
Materials Science and Engineering Engineering Magdalena Rieb
Center for Transportation & Logistics Engineering Mary Mahoney
Supply Chain Management Program Engineering Mary Mahoney
Chemical Engineering Engineering Robert Demetrios Fadel
System Design and Management Program Engineering Jazy Ma
Mechanical Engineering Engineering Joanne Mathias
Civil and Environmental Engineering Engineering Jarina Shrestha
Office of Vice President for Finance Executive Vice President and Treasurer Pamela Schickling Buckley
MIT Program in Women's & Gender Studies Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences Stacey Lantz
Comparative Media Studies/Writing Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Sarah Smith
History Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Patricia Alves
Economics Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Lisa Desforge
Music and Theater Arts Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Michelle Carmichael
Global Studies and Languages Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Liam Brenner
Political Science Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Maria DiMauro
Anthropology Program Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Amberly Steward
Program in Science, Technology, and Society Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Paree Pinkney
Linguistics & Philosophy Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Mary Grenham
Literature Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Alicia Mackin
Center for International Studies Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences John Congdon
MIT-SUTD Collaboration Office of Provost Jesse DeLaughter
Technology Review Office of Provost Enejda Xhablati
Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Office of Provost Jocelyn Sales
Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Office of Provost John Desforge
McGovern Institute for Brain Research Office of Provost Gayle Lutchen
Office of the General Counsel Office of the President Erin Johnson Ahern
Provost Office Office of the Provost Daniel Delgado
Institute Community and Equity Office Office of the Provost Daniel Delgado
Libraries Office of the Provost Stephanie Richardson
D-Lab Office of the Vice Chancellor Richard Brewer
Edgerton Center Office of the Vice Chancellor Sandra Lipnoski
Admissions Office Office of the Vice Chancellor Edmund Jones
Office of the President President & Chairman of the Corporation Ann F. McNamara
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science School of Engineering and Schwarzman College of Computing Irene Huang
MIT Quest for Intelligence Schwarzman College of Computing Gilbert Cordova
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Schwarzman College of Computing Carmen Finn
Institute for Data, Systems, and Society Schwarzman College of Computing Jennifer Kratochwill
Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems Schwarzman College of Computing Rich Lay
Sociotechnical Systems Research Center Schwarzman College of Computing Jesse DeLaughter
Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences / CGCS Science Michael Richard
Physics Science Matt Cubstead
Picower Institute for Learning and Memory Science William Lawson
Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research Science Jack Defandorf
Laboratory for Nuclear Science Science Karen Dow
Biology Science Rebecca Chamberlain
Brain and Cognitive Sciences Science Tristan Davies
Mathematics Science Nan Lin
Chemistry Science Rich Wilk
Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship Sloan James deMelo
Center for Information Systems Research Sloan Christine Foglia
Sloan School of Management Sloan Heather Finney
Division of Student Life Vice President and Dean for Student Life Peter Cummings
MIT Energy Initiative Vice President for Research Martha Broad
Division of Comparative Medicine Vice President for Research Keith Kun
MIT-WHOI Joint Program Vice President for Research Kris Kipp
MIT.nano Vice President for Research Kathleen Boisvert
Nuclear Reactor Laboratory Vice President for Research Kristen Shikes
Environmental Solutions Initiative Vice President for Research Daniela Stoudenkova
Haystack Observatory Vice President for Research Heidi Demers
Research Administration Services Vice President for Research Lori Spindler-Brooks
Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies Vice President for Research Josh Freedman
J-WAFS Vice President for Research Renee Robins
Plasma Science and Fusion Center Vice President for Research David Parker
Koch Institute of Integrative Cancer Research Vice President for Research Andreea O'Connell
Research Laboratory of Electronics Vice President for Research Richard Petruzzelli
Center for Environmental Health Sciences Vice President for Research Amanda Tat
Materials Research Laboratory Vice President for Research Susan Dalton