Financial Officers

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Financial Officers and Administrators
DLCsort ascending Area Name/Email
Urban Studies & Planning Architecture and Planning Margaret L Bryan
Technology Licensing Office Office of Provost Zineta Borogovac
System Design and Management Program Engineering Jazy Ma
Student Financial Services Office of the Vice Chancellor Lan Wang
Sociotechnical Systems Research Center Schwarzman College of Computing April London
Sloan School of Management Sloan Heather Finney
Skolkovo Office of Provost Chrissy Mullin
School of Science Science Ting Ting Li
School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences SHASS Ana Ludwig
School of Architecture & Planning Architecture and Planning Ken Goldsmith
Research Laboratory of Electronics (Post Award) Vice President for Research Melissa Sheehan
Political Science SHASS Paula Kreutzer
Plasma Science and Fusion Center Vice President for Research Katherine Ware
Picower Institute for Learning & Memory Science Renee LeBlanc
Physics Science Rosaleah Brown Gresham
Office of the Vice Chancellor Chancellor William Connelly, Jr.
Office of the Provost Office of the Provost Gabriella Browne
Office of the General Counsel Office of the President Erin Johnson Ahern
Office of Digital Learning Chancellor's Office Marine Brown
MIT.nano Vice President for Research Ludmila Leoparde
MIT-SUTD Collaboration Office of Provost Juliya Kukharenko
MIT Sea Grant College Program Engineering Idalia Cuevas
MIT Professional Education Engineering Patricia Casey
MIT Innovation Initiative Office of Provost Benjamin Hampson
MIT Energy Initiative Vice President for Research Robert Tolu
Microsystems Technology Laboratories Engineering Flora Whitney
Media Laboratory Architecture and Planning Eliza Hamilton
Media Laboratory Architecture and Planning Bruce French
Media Laboratory Architecture and Planning Rebecca Reid
Media Laboratory Architecture and Planning Anna Spector
Mechanical Engineering (Research) Engineering John Maher(interim)
Mechanical Engineering (Non-research) Engineering Caroline Johnston
McGovern Institute for Brain Research Science Donna Wells
Mathematics Science Petra Aliberti
Materials Science and Engineering Engineering Kariuki Thande
Materials Science and Engineering Engineering Teri Quill
Materials Research Laboratory Vice President for Research Idalia Cuevas
Lemelson/MIT Program Engineering Idalia Cuevas
Leaders for Global Operations Program Engineering Ekaterina Trizlova
Laboratory for Nuclear Science Science Larry McMahon
Laboratory for Information & Decision Systems (LIDS) Schwarzman College of Computing Rich Lay
Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research Vice President for Research Mary Ellen Acone
Kavli Institute for Astrophysics & Space Research Science Kara DeNutte
J-WAFS Vice President for Research B. Nicholas Pasinella
Institute for Medical Engineering & Science Engineering Abigail Ketchen
Institute for Data, Systems, and Society Schwarzman College of Computing Erica Bates
Haystack Observatory Vice President for Research Melanie Straigth
Environmental Solutions Initiative Vice President for Research Daniela Stoudenkova
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science School of Engineering and Schwarzman College of Computing Irene Huang
Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Science Natalie Liang
Division of Comparative Medicine Vice President for Research Stephen Downey
Department of Biological Engineering Engineering Dianne Bickford
Dean for Student Life Administration DSL David Bull
DAPER Administration DSL Patrick Haumesser
D-Lab Office of the Vice Chancellor Asif Obaidee
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Schwarzman College of Computing MaryBeth Keith
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Schwarzman College of Computing Kimberly Peeples
Civil and Environmental Engineering Engineering Jillian Rabelo
Civil and Environmental Engineering Engineering Roberta Pizzinato
Chemistry Science Macall Zimmerman
Chemical Engineering Engineering Theresa Peterson
Chemical Engineering Engineering Catherine Gauthier
Chemical Engineering Engineering Kristal Kilmain
Center for Transportation & Logistics Engineering Karen van Nederpelt
Center for Real Estate Architecture and Planning Cheryl M Gillespie
Center for Global Change Science Science Robens Joseph
Center for Environmental Health Sciences Vice President for Research Gabrielle Ceriales
Brain and Cognitive Sciences Science Heidi Kendig
Biology Science Alison Salie
Architecture Architecture and Planning Douglas J Le Vie
Alumni Association Finance & Operations Alumni Association Kimberly Warner
Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering Jennifer Leith
Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering Ping Lee
Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering Kim Ngan Le
Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering Suxin Hu
Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab SHASS Sarah Orzalli