Renovation transparency


The Renovation Transparency initiative was launched to support and expand collaboration among DLCs and MIT planning, construction, and safety professionals on renovation projects. The goal is to create models for projects of all sizes that engage DLC representatives in shared decision-making about technical requirements, furnishings, fittings and finishes, safety concerns, scheduling, and cost—collaborations that will contribute to excellent outcomes.

Renovation Transparency will enhance renovation services for the MIT community by increasing collaboration on planning, decision-making, and execution of projects.

A recent successful pilot project by the Renovation Transparency team, in partnership with the Research Laboratory of Electronic (RLE), tested potential enhancements to the facilities renovation process, including:

  • cost data that is easy to understand and that helps DLC end users set priorities
  • strategies that will help attract the best possible pricing for materials and labor
  • clear explanations about MIT standards for building construction and safety procedures
  • shared, and in some cases decentralized, decision-making as suits the scope of the project and the experience level of the team

Members of the Renovation Transparency team are committed to providing a structure of continuous improvement that will enable CPEC, EHS, and DLCs to communicate and collaborate seamlessly on future renovation projects.

The team

Andrew Bonvie, Information Services & Technology
Jan Burke, Campus Planning, Engineering, and Construction (CPEC)
Kevin Connolly, Facilities Operations
Eileen DesRosiers, Budget, Finance, and Treasury
Kevin Gregory, Audit
Deb Leitch, Office of the Vice President for Finance (team lead)
Jay Perault, Campus Police
Sonia Richards, Campus Planning, Engineering, and Construction (CPEC)
Bill VanSchalkwyk, Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS)

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