Total compensation statement


Our goal with the Total Compensation Statement initiative is to provide faculty and staff with personalized statements detailing their pay and the value of their MIT benefits. The total compensation statement also displays projections of retirement income under a specified set of assumptions. We believe that this information will accomplish three objectives: educate faculty and staff about their total compensation, stimulate interest in planning for retirement, and provide information that enables more informed financial planning decisions.

Statements will be distributed every spring, helping faculty and staff as they plan for retirement.

The first total compensation statement was distributed in May 2012 for calendar year 2011, and our plan calls for statements to be distributed annually every spring for the previous calendar year. As of April 29, 2013, you can access your statement in the form of a printer-friendly PDF on the PensionConnect website or through Atlas on the About Me page.

The implementation team

Olivia Contrada, Human Resources
Kathleen Flynn, Human Resources
Diane Johnston, Human Resources
Lisa Jones-Brinkley, IS&T
Kerry Harrison, Lincoln Laboratory
Eric Ngo, Lincoln Laboratory
Ken Paul, Human Resources
Mike Peretti, Human Resources
Maureen Ratigan, Human Resources (team lead)
James Walsh, Human Resources


Stewart Myers, MIT Sloan School of Management
Marianna Pierce, Human Resources
Jim Poterba, Department of Economics

Helpful links

Visit PensionConnect, the online resource for information about your pension benefits from the MIT Basic Retirement Plan.


Maureen Ratigan
(617) 715-5242