Administrative Systems Steering Committee

Launched in the spring of 2016, the Administrative Systems Steering Committee (ASSC) works collaboratively to enable the Institute vision of streamlined and user-centric campus-wide digital business systems and processes working seamlessly with in-person experiences to support MIT’s mission. The Steering Committee plays an important role in advancing digital business transformation by guiding system development in a holistic manner to provide the best possible administrative computing experience for the MIT community.  

Our role

  • To guide administrative system development to provide best possible computing experience for MIT community
  • Align efforts across administrative and academic areas
    • Assure balanced portfolio of work
  • Achieve consensus on priorities for admin system development
    • Align work with RACC
    • Gather insights from AACII
  • Maintain awareness of ongoing work
    • Refine directions as needed and assure continuous progress
  • Evaluate technology experiments and pilots
    • Endorse those to scale MIT-wide

Membership FY 2019-2020
Peter Brenton, Administrative Officer, Nuclear Science and Engineering / Chair of AACII (ex officio)
Peter Cummings, Executive Director for Administration, DSL
Deb Cunningham, Executive Director, Strategic Information Management, RD
Robin Elices, Executive Director, Office of the EVPT (co-chair)
Wesley Esser, Chief Technology Officer, Sloan
Josh Freeman, Assistant Director, ISN & previous ASPCC chair
Ken Goldsmith, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration, SA&P
Ron Hasseltine, Assistant Provost for Research Administration / Co-Chair of RACC (ex officio)
Joe Higgins, Director of Infrastructure & Business Operations, Facilities
Marc Jones, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration, SHASS
Eamon Kearns, Senior Director, Emerging Solutions, IS&T
Catherine Kim, Assistant Dean for HR & Administration, SOE
Danielle Khoury, Controller, VPF
Kathleen McGrath, Director of Financial Operations
Doreen Morris, Assistant Provost, Office of the Provost (co-chair)
Wayne Turner, Senior Director, Operations and Services, HR
Heather Williams, Assistant Dean, School of Science
Carol Wood, Director, Research Administration Support, VPR

Robin Elices
(617) 324-4603