Office of Campus Planning

At the Office of Campus Planning (OCP), we examine how MIT’s physical spaces can best support the academic goals and community life of the Institute. Our niche within the sphere of facilities planning, design, and construction at MIT is to think strategically and create long-range plans for facilities development, including research and teaching spaces, student residences, and on-campus parking. We typically focus five to 20 years into the future to recommend design and land use solutions that have the potential to provide the greatest long-term benefits to the Institute.

Our office works closely with the Associate Provost for Space, the Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer, and Campus Construction. We collaborate with MIT designers, engineers, and project managers on the planning, programming, and design of capital and capital renewal projects.

Maintaining a long-range vision for the MIT campus is essential to the responsible and productive development of the Institute’s buildings and grounds.

At OCP, we undertake a wide range of planning and design coordination projects, from building feasibility studies to designer selection, ADA coordination to capital project permits. Working on behalf of the Institute, we prioritize issues of sustainability, accessibility, optimal land use, fiscal responsibility, and neighborhood impact to provide a long-term vision that promotes the best possible environment for the fulfillment of MIT’s mission. Here are just a few of the projects we are working on now:

  • MIT 2030—provided additional data analysis and broader conceptual considerations for projecting how the campus could evolve to meet future academic and research needs and continue to foster innovation.
  • East Campus / Kendall Gateway—developed options for East Campus in collaboration with MITIMCo and a faculty advisory group, work that grew out of an MIT-commissioned urban design study to help envision the future of East Campus and the Kendall Gateway area.
  • Parking Analysis—launched to provide thoughtful, well-informed choices for replacing spaces that will be lost as a result of upcoming construction projects and increasing the overall availability of parking on campus.

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