EVP Connect

As members of the EVP Connect team, we are collaborating across functions to provide one unified communication system for all services, programs, and initiatives under the Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer umbrella. Realizing that the MIT environment can be difficult to navigate, our team strives to be a resource to MIT administrators in locating policies, finding forms, understanding systems and processes, identifying learning opportunities, and connecting with business area experts to assist in solving complex issues.

We want to boost connectivity across EVPT and the Institute. 

Our role on the EVP Connect team is to boost connectivity among MIT administrators across the Institute. But to collaborate and innovate in the best tradition of MIT—and to make contributions with lasting impact—we need the participation of the community. Connect with us, and let us know your thoughts and ideas about ways we can work together more effectively.

The team
Robin Elices, Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer (team lead)
Jennifer Burke, Office of the Vice President for Finance
Irina Cyr, Information Systems and Technology
Laurie Everett, Office of the Vice President for Finance
Robyn Fizz, Information Systems and Technology
Christopher Giles, Information Systems and Technology
Susy Jones, Office of Sustainability
Ashley Kennedy, Office of Government and Community Relations
Monica Lee, Department of Facilities
Lori LoTurco, Human Resources
Suzanne Pettit, Office of Sponsored Programs
Kristen Shikes, Office of Sponsored Programs
David Tytell, MIT Medical
Jessica Van, Environment, Health & Safety

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Executive Director
Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer
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