Work Succeeding

The goal of Work Succeeding is to enable flexible work options through guidance, tools, and policies that will:

  • Empower teams to work collaboratively and effectively to further the MIT mission;
  • Support our employees’ varied needs and emphasize job satisfaction and personal well-being; and
  • Position the Institute to retain and attract the very best talent. 

In May 2020 President Reif charged Task Force 2021 and Beyond with exploring “how MIT might invent a thriving new future” in a post-Covid world. The task force’s Administrative Workstream focused on MIT's administrative functions and their implications as MIT plans for the future.

One of the workstream’s “Big Ideas” was to explore flexible and sustainable work practices at MIT that will continue to enable teams to further the MIT mission — including examining the many successes of remote work throughout the past year and the opportunities it provides. A project called “Work Succeeding” was launched to realize this idea.

Work Succeeding will create guidance and tools for how we can work together in the future and policies to support teams as we discover how to operate in our new world. Through an iterative process, we will learn together — leveraging lessons learned from the past year to design a strategy for the future.

In the meantime, teams are encouraged to start conversations now about ideas for onsite and remote work, based on both work requirements and experiences over the past year. Thinking through these considerations together now can help to inform future decisions.

If you have questions about the Work Succeeding initiative, contact